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US & China Manufacturing
Your company started operations in China to gain a competitive advantage. Terrific. But of course so have your competitors.

Low cost manufacturing driven by low cost labor is a temporary advantage. To remain competitive, your Chinese manufacturing must continually increase productivity.

WESTROM improves Chinese manufacturing, your own China operations or the improvement and
development of your Chinese suppliers.

WESTROM manufacturing services range from lean and Theory-of-Constraints implementation, plant engineering, to green and brown field China site development.

China Sourcing
Most large companies and almost all multi-national corporations now source large portions of their parts and products from China. Plus, the volume and sophistication of the

items sourced is increasing every year, every month and every day.

These companies leverage their scale to establish a China sourcing office - an expensive and resource draining luxury not often afforded small and medium sized business.

WESTROM provides sourcing services to small and medium sized business. Our procurement engineers identify, qualify, improve and manage China sources. And if economic, we can establish your own China sourcing office.

International Supply Chain Management
For a complete China solution, WESTROM manages Chinese supply, international shipping, customs and international financial transactions.

It's your turn-key China Supply solution from the Chinese factory floor to your shipping dock.

Our services manage international delivery, Chinese manufacturing logistics (for production utilizing multiple Chinese vendors) and the international financial and administrative transactions.

This turn-key service is ideal for small or medium sized businesses that are unable to commit resources for international supply chain management. It's also a terrific first step for small or medium sized businesses starting China sourcing activities.
Your company has decided to source from China. You have identified and qualified the China suppliers. Your engineering is perfectly prepared for on-site production by the Grobnik, Grabowski and Aguilar team. Great.

But is it ready for production by Fred Li's team, at a site 12 time zones away, in the historical heart of eastern civilization, in a completely different language and culture?

After providing a list of potential, suppliers and arranging meetings,

few China professional firms provide the engineering and quality services necessary.

From product design and DOE to process characterization and tooling, WESTROM engineering services help ensure delivery of quality products at the right price.