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WESTROM China Sourcing

WESTROM sources electronic and mechanical components from China for small and medium sized US Electronics companies.

WESTROM has successfully designed, sourced and delivered a variety of industrial electronic parts and products, plus a number of light industrial parts and products from China. The parts and products fall into these categories:
  • New & Open Market Electronic Components
  • OEM & ODM Assemblies & Engineered Parts
  • OEM & ODM Industrial Electronic Products
  • Displays, Switches & Keypads
  • Light Mechanical, Plastics & Packaging
  • Light Industrial Products

    Case Studies

  • We source materials and subassemblies & full build for your company using two approaches, adapted to your business requirements:

    China Purchasing Office – Sourcing for Standard Electronic Components

    China ODM & OEM Sourcing – Sourcing for Electronic Products, Assemblies, Engineered Parts, Packaging and Tooling

    Successful China Sourcing
    To be successful in China, three critical tasks must be accomplished and implemented with China suppliers:
  • Well characterized design
  • Well characterized quality & delivery requirements
  • Well characterized manufacturing processes & quality control
  • Failures in any of these areas result in poor quality, poor delivery, increased product/part costs, increased US operational costs and potential lost sales.

    These tasks can be completed in-house or by sub-contracted. WESTROM has the methodologies, tools and capabilities to deliver and implement these in China.

    US Make Vs. China Source
    Many products and parts are suitable for sourcing from China. Some are not. Careful considerations of the operational trade-offs and the total supply chain costs are needed:
  • US Make versus China Source analysis
  • Strategic review of operational control, intellectual property, working capital investment and benefits from China capabilities and market presence
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    China Purchasing Office
    We utilize our buyers, engineers and QA staff in our South China office to purchase standard electrical and mechanical parts.

    Components are tested. Prior to shipment, we test 100% of the product we source through our
    testing service partner. The Quality Control processes used for your components are identical to the processes we employ for components used in our own manufacturing.

    This approach is suitable for standard components. Buyers source the components through the open Shenzen electronics market, franchise distributors, independent brokers and our Chinese suppliers.


    China ODM & OEM Sourcing
    Whatever step you are at – from R&D and prototyping to Manufacturing and Shipping; WESTROM provides the know-how to develop in the US and build in South China.

    WESTROM has 15 years of experience engineering and manufacturing products and OEM parts in China. We have long-term relationships with a number of Chinese manufactures and intimately know their capabilities and capacities.

    Sourcing engineered products requires two distinct phases, depending on what step you are at in your development and China sourcing process:
  • Phase 1 – Engineering Control, Supplier Identification, Development & Qualification

  • Phase 2 – Manufacturing Engineering, Trade Finance, Manufacturing & Delivery
  • WESTROM has engineering capabilities in China and the US to manage your project and development in China. We have buyers and the logistics management to deliver products and parts directly from China.

    If your project requires it, we have the capabilities to establish your in-house China engineering and purchasing operation.

       Services Overview

    Phase 1 – Engineering Control , Supplier Identification, Development & Qualification

    WESTROM maintains complete engineering control of your project and parts in China, from revision control of prototypes through the sample approval process. We make sure that the R&D processes that occur in the US are executed in China – assurance that critical steps are not skipped.

    Whilst we do not recommend skipping development steps, the process can be customised to your unique business needs & requirements.

    Phase 2 – Manufacturing Engineering, Trade Finance, Manufacturing & Delivery

    Once management is transferred from Engineering Control to Buyer Control, WESTROM operates and managed the flow of products and parts from China to your shipping dock. We provide ongoing quality management, supplier management and development, plus management of the international finance and logistics.

    We also offer bespoke services to improve or manage your existing China supply chain.

       Services Overview