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WESTROM Engineering Services

Our engineering services are tailored to small and medium sized companies in these sectors:
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Electronic Components
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Light Mechanical Assembly
  • Light Mechanical Components
  • Light Industrial Products
  • Assembly Machines
  • Plastics & Molding
  • Specialty Consumer Durables
  • Textile Cloth, Cut & Sew
  • Tooling of all types
  • WESTROM offers engineering and design services to small and medium size enterprise in the US, their Chinese sub-contractors and also directly to Chinese manufactures:

       Manufacturing and Engineering Technical Staff Training

    Outcome: China and US staff trained for US-China operations

    It is critical that operators, technicians, engineers, and managers are provided with the tools they need to meet your company's strategic plan and enable your organization's success. WESTROM can provide the training your team needs for US-China cross-functional skills to ensure your manufacturing team's success

       Training and Business Process Reengineering: Design for China Sourcing and China Procurement

    Outcome: Reduced product costs, an improved product design process and an improved China procurement process

    Alignment of three groups is required to obtain the best value from your Chinese suppliers and sub-contractors. Design engineers, component engineers and purchasing professionals must not be aligned to departmental functions, but aligned to an integrated process that drives simultaneous product development and China sourcing. WESTROM establish the process and train your professionals to a new level of skill in extracting the best from your Chinese vendors

       Product Characterization and Design of Experiment (DoE)

    Outcome: Decreased product costs and increased customer satisfaction through a fully characterized product

    Understanding the attributes of your product design that customer's value and establishing quality thresholds control over the manufacturing process that produce those attributes is critical. It is critical to gain and hold market share by controlling and improving the product characteristics that matter. And, it is critical to reduce the product cost by elimination or discounting product attributes customers do not value. WESTROM has experience in determining critical product characteristics and establishing process controls using Design of Experiment. WESTROM can establish or help you establish process controls for the product characteristics and attributes that matter

       Chinese Tool Sourcing, Machine Design and Production Machine Development

    Outcome: Reduced tooling costs, reduced machine costs, rescued development costs

    WESTROM differentiates itself in process characterization and integrated tooling and machine design. We can develop custom or modified stock machine and tooling to meet your manufacturing process needs. WESTROM has deep machine and tooling design and build experience in following areas, and we would be happy to discuss any machine within the area of light assembly.

    WESTROM has machines design, tooling and automation experience in following areas of light assembly:

  • Production and Prototype Tooling (all types, all industries)
  • Winding Machine, machine modification and tooling
  • Auto Adhesive machines
  • Automated Assembly Machines (all types, all industries)
  • Automated Work Cell and Assembly Lines (Electronics and Light Industrial)
  • Metrological Measurement Fixtures and Gages
  • Aqueous Cleaning Systems
  • Auto Electrical Testing Equipment
  • Material Transfer and Handling Equipment
  • WESTROM has relationships with top-quality machine shops in the US and Asia to ensure quality and on-time work. We also have direct import capability to enable the flow of machines, repair parts and materials to your mainland Chinese and Hong Kong operations from the US

       Machine, Tooling and Material Qualification

    Outcome: Qualified fit-for-purpose machines, tooling and material supply

    New machines, tooling or material suppliers require qualification to ensure production of a satisfactory product and a satisfied customer. WESTROM can implement or help you implement systematic repeatable process for the qualification of machines, machine cells, assembly lines, tooling and materials to meet your plant production and quality goals