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WESTROM International Supply Chain Managment Services

Our international supply chain services are tailored to small and medium sized companies in these sectors:
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Electronic Components
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Light Mechanical Assembly
  • Light Mechanical Components
  • Light Industrial Products
  • Assembly Machines
  • Plastics & Molding
  • Specialty Consumer Durables
  • Textile Cloth, Cut & Sew
  • Tooling of all types
  • WESTROM offers bespoke Supply Chain improvement services and international logistics management for the China to US supply chain:

       US-China Operational Gap Remediation

    Outcome: Identification and elimination of Chinese-US operational gaps

    A truly mediocre strategic plan implemented and executed well with discipline prevails over the perfect strategic plan executed poorly. WESTROM analyzes the operational obstacles that are preventing you achieving success with your China operations. Leveraging solid management, operations science, and knowledge of China, we help you close the gaps and realize the objectives of your strategic China plan

       China Supply Chain Strategy and Architecture

    Outcome: Redesigned supply chains, between China and the US

    Planning and managing your new or existing international supply chain present unique challenges and uncertainties that differ from domestic supply chains. WESTROM can provide consulting for your import/export and supply chain planning process to ensure your supply of product, component or sub-assemblies is timely and aligned to your customer or factory demands

       China Supply Chain Crisis Mitigation

    Outcome: Reduction of Chinese supply risk and consequences

    When disaster strikes halfway around the world and you need somewhere to turn - look to WESTROM. We have professionals and associates in China ready to ensure your critical materials continue to flow. We have the expertise and the local network to solve your vendor issues, keep your sub-contractors running and secure the integrity of your supply chain

       Reengineering of China sourcing documents and the China sourcing processes

    Outcome: Improved first time quality and reduced indirect and direct China sourcing cost

    Clear characterization and documentation of a component, sub-assembly or product's critical attributes is the difference between meeting or missing a cost target. First run parts, satisfactory for the intended use, will only be produced when a proper China sourcing process is used and proper documentation is delivered to the Chinese supplier. Documentation and processes built for the US are seldom adequate a civilization and 12 time zones away. WESTROM can provide robust, proven source documentation templates and process for successful china sourcing