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WESTROM LLC was started in August of 2002 and registered in South Dakota USA as an LLC in April of 2003 by Joel T. Rickenbach. Mr. Rickenbach is a degreed mechanical engineer with executive coursework in strategic planning, product development and advanced operations science. Mr. Rickenbach has over 18 years experience in electronics manufacturing & operations management. He has 12 years of machine design experience in complex automated assembly, precision wire winding machines, transfer molding and injection molding. Mr. Rickenbach has 10 years of experience in domestic and international plant start-ups, including 14 years in China.

WESTROM-DTB, Ltd is a registered Hong Kong company founded by Mr. Rickenbach and Mr. Clayton T. Jones. Mr. Jones has over 18 years of manufacturing and supply chain management experience. Through his industry positions, consultation engagements and entrepreneurial ventures he has domestic / international experience in these sectors: consumer durables, chemicals, defense logistics, industrial products, capital machinery specialty plastics, and aerospace. He has extensive experience in manufacturing, supply chain strategy and planning, and general management. He holds professional certifications in supply chain, production and inventory management and a masters degree in finance and operations.
Mr. Jones is WESTROM Group's Sr. Non-Executive Director.

WESTROM is a family of US and China based management and technical consulting firms. We create value for your company in your international supply chain, manufacturing network and supplier relationships.

We focus on small and medium sized companies in the following sectors:
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Electronic Components
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Light Mechanical Assembly
  • Light Mechanical Components
  • Light Industrial Products
  • Assembly Machines
  • Plastics & Molding
  • Specialty Consumer Durables
  • Textile Cloth, Cut & Sew
  • Tooling of all types
  • WESTROM specializes in these functions:


       China Sourcing


       Supply Chain

    We have the capabilities and people to serve you, your customers and suppliers in the US and in China.