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China Component Sourcing

WESTROM maintains technical buyers for sourcing standard components from China. We also source components from the open/surplus Chinese market.

Our approach helps ensure that quality parts are delivered to your receiving dock:

   China supplier identification

   China order management

   100% quality inspection

   International logistics

   United States delivery

   Trade finance

WESTROM is your solution for China open market electronic components

  China Component Sourcing

China OEM / ODM Engineered Parts & Products

WESTROM has in-house engineers and quality resources and manages a network of key Chinese sub-contractors.

WESTROM delivers engineered parts, assemblies and products from China to your receiving dock.

To successfully deliver engineered part and products from China, we typically (but not always):

   Complete / revise engineering for China production

   Design, build and prove the production tooling

   Characterize the manufacturing processes

   Build and qualify sample parts

   Manage China sub-contractors and production quality

   Manage the international logistics & China Customs

   Manage US Customs & delivery in the United States

   Manage and secure trade finance

WESTROM is your turn-key solution for engineered parts, assemblies and products

  China Electronics Sourcing